Ballot Statement

My Ballot Statement will be in the Voter Information Pamphlet mailed to all Redondo Beach registered voters in February


Rolf Curtis Strutzenberg
Occupation: Retired Aerospace Enginee

As a teacher’s husband and parent of two young boys, I‘m deeply familiar with the challenges that teachers, students and parents are facing, and the positive impact that teachers make in students’ lives. I have a personal stake in the quality and success of our schools.

While our great schools continue to emerge from restrictions, the many conflicting demands will require leadership, insight and analysis that I will bring to the School Board. I’ll work to improve communication and outreach, increase transparency, and ensure students and teachers are safe.

With my college education/career in Aerospace Engineering and Business Management, and current service on the Redondo Beach Planning Commission, I dig deep into issues, asking tough questions that lead to the best solutions.

I will work to minimize overcrowding through better coordination with the city on policies that impact our schools. I’ll advocate for increased state funding to improve student-teacher ratios, assuring our students the best possible education. I fully support that investment in our schools creates greater prosperity for everyone.
Endorsed by Mayor Bill Brand, Councilmember Nils Nehrenheim, Councilmember (former School Board President) Todd Loewenstein, and parents across the city. I ask for your support as well.
s/ Rolf Curtis Strutzenberg