Bill Brand

Redondo Beach Mayor

“Rolf Strutzenberg has been a standout on our Planning Commission. We are lucky to have him running for School Board and I fully endorse him.”

Todd Loewenstein

Former RBUSD School Board President & Current City Council member

“I have worked with Rolf in a number of capacities, but primarily in his role as a Planning Commissioner in the City of Redondo Beach. Rolf has a keen intellect, is very analytical and thoughtful, patient yet passionate, and very dedicated to his job and his community. He asks the right questions, and is deliberate in reaching a decision, along with seeking the counsel of his fellow commissioners. Sometimes, Rolf is the only person in the room that asks the questions that need to be asked, a trait that takes lots of courage. In addition, I have also gotten to know his family, and they are a true reflection of how great of a person he is. I’m very happy to have Rolf as a true leader in our community.”

Nils Nehrenheim

Redondo Beach City Council Member

Rolf is an active and dedicated member of the community, always looking at things from all angles so that the best possible decisions can be made.  He would bring a much needed fresh and balanced perspective to the School Board of Redondo Beach that has become stagnant and complacent.  He has what it takes to work to create the best future for our local schools and assure the success of our youth for years to come.  I have no doubt he will attack difficult issues head on to provide the best education and future for his kids and yours.