RBUSD “Reopening Think Tank” is scheduled to meet tomorrow (January 7, 2021) at 3 pm. Although this is not a public session you can send your input in advance to Superintendent Keller or any of the other members listed. Here is a link to the page with more information Reopening Think Tank Committee – 2020-21 School Reopening – Redondo Beach Unified School District (

I was out walking and distributing yard signs today and by chance came across a Redondo Kindergarten teacher that I had not met before. We had a great talk and I really appreciated her honesty and willingness to share with me, it probably helped that my wife is a teacher so I see things from that point of view every day. I could see the range of emotions in her face even with her mask on. She also had her own young kids at home so saw things from the perspective of a parent as well. She was ready to get back to class, she has been remote teaching from her classroom and wanted to get her students back to class, and she was scared. Her biggest fear was for increased contact with other adults, not just for apprehension of spread to her and her home but really how that could then more strongly impact her elderly parents who are helping to care for her kids while she and her husband work full time. There are so many aspects to consider in the reopening of schools, and talks like these are critical to really understanding all of the impacts.