This is what the new campus will look like!

In simplified terms this is a PPP, Public-Private Partnership, to create a new facility for providing vocational training and eventual job placement for students with special needs. It will be located at the old Franklin school site on Inglewood (more recently it was the Beach Cities Child Development Center), don’t worry, Franklin Park will stay as is. The property will remain owned by RBUSD and leased long term for the development of this facility.

As my wife is a special needs teacher this hits home for us, how awesome to see a facility like this created to eventually serve her students and all special needs students as they transition from school to a life of their own. This is a win-win-win, RBUSD gets steady revenue from the leased property, our special needs kids get a strong leg up, and the community gets far better integrated.

I fully support this facility and all that it brings to the table.

FF Friendship Foundation