No this is not a typo, I am not talking about RBEF, which all of you surely know about and donate to Right?! This is a different entity that does it’s own great work and you may not realize at first how it is tied to our schools. For example the RBPF, in partnership with the LA Kings and Redondo Beach Unified School District, have been rolling out its Trauma Kit Emergency Training and 400 Kits to all 13 schools in RBUSD, Birney Elementary hosted the first official training session. 

trauma kit pic.jpg

This is just one example of what the RBPF does for our community and our kids, there is much, much more. Similar to RBEF, the RBPF was created to do things that otherwise could not be done under the usual tight budget constraints.

Over the years I have been an avid supporter of RBPF, please consider doing so as well.

RBPF Redondo Beach Police Foundation